Underfloor Heating Maintenance


Maintaining any system is of paramount importance. We recommend that you service your UFH regularly (annual) to ensure that your system runs smoothly. Servicing your system can help you avoid any costly repairs and assists the system in operating at maximum efficiency.

Many systems have rarely been serviced often leading to a breakdown or malfunction. Our service can highlight any problems that may need rectifying and our diagnosis will highlight how we can amend the issue.

For more details about our services please feel free to contact our office.

Underfloor Heating Repairs

Whilst the latest systems come with warrantees many old systems may need repairing. The new systems offer 50 to 75 year guarantees on the pipes and the mechanical aspects between 5 and 10 years. 90% of the time the fault is a mechanical fault and utilising our experience we can often find a practical cost effective solution.

Unfortunately if you do have an issue with your UFH we have to charge for the call out of our engineer. If a repair is required you can however redeem the call out charge through the repair price.
If you have any issues or require any assistance with your existing UFH system please contact our office.

3 Common Underfloor Heating Repairs We Can Fix

  • General Servicing

  • Pump Replacement

  • Actuator Replacement

Please feel free to send us your building plans to info@leodis-developments.com for a free estimate or for Leodis to design your under floor heating system.

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