Why Have Underfloor Heating Installed?

Underfloor Heating provides a substantially, more consistent and even heat flow throughout your property. Traditional, convectional, radiator systems, on average lose a significant amount of heat in comparison to new underfloor heating.

There are many beneficial factors to take into account when considering an underfloor heating system. Here a just a few:

  • Efficiency

    The even distribution of heat from UFH provides a more efficient way to heat a room as every square metre of your property can be utilised.

    An UFH system will heat a larger area from a central position with the heat directed at the correct area of the room; heating from the bottom up, resulting in no heat being wasted.

  • Aesthetics

    UFH allows you to maximise the space within a room without having to consider where radiators need to be positioned. Wireless controls enable you to move household furniture as you please without having to worry where a room stat is fixed.

  • Comfort

    UFH provides a special comfort of warmth on a cold winter’s night, keeping you and your family nice and snug.

    It is a much quieter heating option over radiators which will generally make some cracking noises when the boiler kicks in to warm up your house.

  • Cost Effective

    According to www.connectingindustry.com the average underfloor heating system will use between 15-40% less energy than conventional radiators as it requires a much lower flow temperature to heat a room due to its size and dimensions.

  • Eco-Friendly

    UFH can be used in an economically efficient way by utilising energy from renewable sources.

    Due to the lower energy requirements UFH is often run off solar panels in the form of a solar thermal system, or even heat pumps, reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Health & Hygiene

    UFH create and maintain high temperatures within carpets and rugs. This assists with eliminating dust mites from a property alleviating dust related allergies.

    Unlike radiators UFH does not collect up dust mites and do not need cleaning once installed again reducing the amount of dust in your home.

Please feel free to send us your building plans to info@leodis-developments.com for a free estimate or for Leodis to design your under floor heating system.

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