Plumbing and Heating Services in London and Leeds

We offer a full range of services for all existing or new-build properties. We specialise in boiler and central heating installations whilst also providing a comprehensive selection of plumbing and electrical services (from dripping taps to bathroom design and installation).

Our team of specialist engineers are fully certified with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.

Case Study: Anna Lumley, London

“I arrived home from work on my lunch and heard a dripping sound coming from the kitchen. I went into the kitchen and noticed that there was a leak below the sink. I put a basin underneath and gave Leodis a call, we agreed they would send an Engineer out later that day for a nominal charge.”

“Later that evening as I arrived home from work, Chris (Engineer) was already waiting to assist. Thankfully he was there because the kitchen floor was covered in water. Chris located the stop tap (which I couldn’t find earlier) and was able to rectify the problem within 30 minutes.”

“We live on the 3rd floor of the building and if it had gone on any longer I can only imagine the damage that it could have caused to our neighbour’s property. We are so grateful Leodis were there in no time to help us with the leak.”

“48 hours after the problem, we received a call from Sam in the Leodis office to check everything was okay, this extra touch really showed how Leodis valued me as a customer.”

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